2021 ★ Establish subsidiary Top Powder Technologies Co., Ltd (TPT)
2018 Successfully entered the European hand tool brand.
2017 Successfully developed 3 lenes parts. (Thickness 0.09mm) to satisfy customer's request.
Successfully develop bicycle transmission systems, advanced hand tools, such customers with stable demand.
2016 ★ Successfully developed F75(Medical grade stainless steel) material for mobile phone lenes.
Vacuum LPC furnace from Europe installed at TPT.
★ Establish HPM dep. At TPT.
In-house tooling design and manufacturing began at TPT.
2014 Won the 506th issue of CommonWealth Magazine.
★ Successfully developed W-Ni-Cu & W-Ni-Fe material for mobile phone vibration function.
2013 Vacuum gas quenching furnace from Europe installed.
2012 Implement Automation Center at TPT.
2011 2nd continuous furnace from Cremer Germany installed.
SEM (Scanning Electronic Microscope) installed.
2010 ★ Start-up of China Powder Technologies (CPT) in Suzhou.
2009 Establish Research & Development Center at TPT.
2008 Passed occupational safety and health management system certification.
2007 1st continuous furnace from Cremer Germany installed. It also 1st one of MIM in Asia.
2006 Passed ISO 14001 environmental management system certification.
2005 Purchase 10 injection machines to meet Apple's order
2004 Passed IECQ Hazardous Substance Process Management quality certification.
2003 ★ Daxi Plant completed and move in.
2002 Passed ISO9001 quality certification.
2001 Company founded by Dr. Lu.